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Change doesn’t just happen, we have to make it happen.

Queen Pin Conversations with Angela Fach + Lyss Brady of The Canton Girl Gang

July 2019

Lyss: So, apparently the feminists in the 1960’s burned their bras to protest the patriarchy. I’ve read a lot of articles that dispute that— but the burning of the bra’s — the symbolism— it really excites a deep part of my soul. I feel as if, I’m burning the mold that the institution, the system, and all the nay-sayers have been trying to put me in.

Angela: I agree.. regardless if they actually did burn their bras or not, I read that the original protests were about women taking a stance for equal rights and the protest of Miss America was how the most important thing about a woman was her looks. It made women feel inferior because they couldn’t live up to the expectations.

Lyss: It’s pretty awesome how much the Miss America Pageant has change itself to show that women are more than their looks, and I love how the contestants these days really try to be champions in their communities through charitable works. But that’s not what this conversation is about. This conversation is about this absolutely imparitive part of the development of our society for gender equality. The part where we absolutely stop trying to put all women into the molds; we can dress how we want, we can do to our bodies what we want, we can have the career we want, the family we want, THE LIFE we want. We should, and we are going to demand to, be treated absolutely equal regardless of our choices over our sovereign bodies and lives. None of us should feel we have to live up to anyone’s expectations, but our own.

Angela: I read a stat somewhere that is says it will take another 108 years to close the gender gap. WOW!! Although, I feel that over the past few years there has been so many more movements that are bringing about awareness and breaking the silence of inequality. We HAVE TO create accountability and find positive solutions for change. Companies cannot hide behind excuses anymore. I think having more leaders and organizations that take a stand and hold themselves and their teams accountable is important. Change doesn’t just happen, we have to make it happen.

Lyss: It all relates, business, commerce, policy, societal institutions. It all circles back to how we can’t treat people like numbers anymore. Society, at large, is coming to realize that corporations and government leaders depend on our mass cooperation. And when we start withholding that cooperation, we begin to send a message, and then we begin to see change. That’s exactly what’s happened here; the majority has stopped cooperating with the unspoken sexist way of life. People are beginning to refuse to turn a blind eye to injustices, removing their cooperation, speaking up and forcing this incredibly important conversation. Burning my bra is just forcing them to recognize this.

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