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Life is work and work is work.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

NEWSYMOM • November 2019

By Nicole Host

All-day long, we moms are constantly thinking about the needs of our family. How can we make their lives happier and easier?

We question and wonder if we are making the right choices and decisions. This is true for working moms as much as it is for stay at home moms. We ALL work HARD! Add our daily responsibilities to all the holiday responsibilities and wow!

You just found out your significant other volunteered you to make a homemade pie for Thanksgiving. Sure, add it to the list.

And let’s not forget that more than likely we’re in charge of finding Christmas presents not only for our family, but the in-laws, the nieces and nephews oh and the crazy uncle that may or may not even make it to Christmas dinner. Great.

And even with your stress meter blaring, you need to have all your wits at work or else people will think you can’t handle life! The struggle of a working mom…or any mom, during the holidays is fierce.

And then, adding to the holidays and the mix of a crazy, demanding life is that lovely experience on the scale. Great, you just added 20 pounds even with all that cardio running from one responsibility to the next. What gives? But, despite all of that, let’s not forget one thing…the holidays are truly magical. Especially when you have kids!

Being the glue for your family that made sure they made all four Thanksgivings in a day and didn’t skip a beat for all five Christmas parties over the span of a couple of weeks. AND rocking it at work every single day! That’s YOU. YOU made that happen. Year after year you continue to own the holiday season like it is your job because IT IS your job or at least part of it.

Motherhood is work. And work is work. It can be a lot to even think of adding more work during the holiday season. But guess what ladies year after year you make it happen. You pull it off. And when its Thanksgiving morning and you’re screaming at your still sleeping husband to get up because your elbow deep in a turkey, it will all fizzle away whenever you are lying in bed with your belly full. And when you’re wrapping presents that you busted your ass to pay for on Christmas Eve, revel in the chaos with a smile on your face, you did it.

And let’s not forget looking ahead to the next holiday that is really meant to be all about you! Here’s to the stress of coming up with a New Year’s Resolution! 

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