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Networking + Wine = Just One Reason You Need An Elevator Pitch For Your Brand Or Biz

INSIDER TIPS • July 2019

By Jessica Shepard

You know networking is all about relationships — creating connections with those in your community. But you also know that the moment it comes time to describe what you do or what your business or brand is all about, you lose full cognitive ability and end up rambling on or spacing out. Especially when there’s wine involved, which hopefully there is.

Hey, you’re not alone. But networking doesn’t have to cause twitching, stuttering, or sweaty palms. Make things easier on yourself by coming up with an elevator pitch for your brand or business. 

If you read the words “elevator pitch” and immediately pictured some sleaze-ball in a brown leisure suit, don’t worry, that’s not where this is headed…

No one is suggesting you whip out some canned response the moment you meet someone or use every meeting as an opportunity to “sell” someone on what you do. Rather, think of an elevator pitch as a succinct and clear explanation or description of your brand that’s sticky, memorable, and easy to understand. 

Think about it: you need people to know what you’re about and what you have to offer to your community if you want to make as big of an impact as you can. But if people don’t know what it is exactly that you do because the only words you can get out when the spotlight’s on you are “um” and “yeah,” they won’t feel confident referring or recommending you to others. 

What’s the point?

With an elevator pitch, your message will come across loud and clear, no matter how many glasses of Cab Sav you’ve had pre-event to “loosen up.” But it goes beyond just making sure the people you meet at events and in everyday life have a clear understanding of what you do and what you have to offer…

Having a clear, succinct, and memorable elevator pitch also makes it easier for others to know just what to say when they’re referring or recommending you to those they come into contact with.

If they’re clear about what you do and how you can help, they’re more likely to speak up when someone in their circle says, “Hey, do you happen to know a good [Insert your sweet ass brand or business here]? 

Confusion is the enemy of a lot of things, but when you leave your brand identity up to what your brain can come up with when you’re on the spot, the only thing flowing will be your sweat glands. 

So set yourself up for success by drilling down on what you do and what you’re about in the simplest, most memorable language possible, and memorize and practice your elevator pitch until it’s second nature. That way, you can spit it out quick and create a crystal clear picture in the minds of those you’re talking with, even as you’re tipping back that third glass of wine.

Jessica Shepard lives in Canton and works full-time for a marketing company based in Nashville and is the token girl in two bands, Lovedrug and Teenage Eagle. When she's not working or in the studio, she can be found losing a gardening battle, binging on Golden Girls, making religious dog art, or writing children’s books.

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