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The Paradigm Shift Has Begun.

Queen Pin Conversations with Angela Fach + Lyss Brady of The Canton Girl Gang

June 2019


Being an entrepreneur has to be the toughest yet most rewarding path I have ever chosen to take in life, and I don’t regret a second of it. The few years I spent working for someone else, playing the political games, navigating the red tape I honestly felt like I was drowning. But look at us now; I don’t know if we could fit in anybody's mold anyway.


Look how our perceptions of ourselves have evolved and changed! It’s an international phenomenon, really. The way women are viewing themselves is changing. Women are going against the grain, challenging the stereotypes. As women we are redefining ourselves. We are demanding more respect. We are demanding we be heard.


I agree! Just look at us, we are not afraid to challenge the status quo, the oppressive policies, or the restrictive and idealized molds anymore. I have to say I think this is because we’ve decided, as a whole, that what is to gain is so much more valuable than anything we could stand to lose.


So many women have gotten stuck in abusive relationships, but every single day we are seeing more and more women finding their strength, and confidence. They are deciding it’s okay to ask for the help, financially and otherwise, to break free of the cycle.


And, the most wonderful part of it is that we are seeing so many more initiatives ready to help. There are more hands ready to help these women rise than ever before in history. We are collectively moving toward this mindset that loudly proclaims that we are not leaving a single woman left behind to suffer anymore. We won’t stand for it anymore; we won’t stand for a gender-based wage gap, that's why it’s closing. We won’t stand for women being marginalized and abused anymore, that’s why there's shelters and resources like the Domestic Violence Project Inc. and the YWCA.


I also think the paradigm shift started within our own minds; women are realizing we need each other and we can depend on each other. The mindset and the narrative that women are catty, they compete for attention and want to ruin another woman’s reputation, is dead and gone. Or, at least on its way out the door.


It's also causing the way that men and corporations view women to change. According to Forbes, women drive 70%-80% of the domestic consumer purchasing in this country. Men and corporations are being forced to pay attention to the gender differences and it is surely not about making everything pink. Women have decided they are powerful, and because of this women are stepping into the high ranks in their workplace.

Angela: We have decided that we absolutely CAN carry the load of children, a household and a career. We have decided that we make our own choices and we chose to hustle. I just absolutely love how major marketing has changed, how our ideal of women’s bodys is changing. Marketing campaigns have been forced to accommodate our demands. We have taken a stance time and time again against brands that try to fit us in stereotypical molds.

Lyss: Women are standing up for their daughters and future generations. They don’t want them to be fed the self-compromising images of what the marketing companies used to push out. We took a stance by ending our cooperation with companies, magazines, and media outlets that created that sick, narrow minded, limiting narrative. We want to see diversity, we want to see all women be represented and respected.

Angela: Social media has given women this voice, and it is beautiful. We now know that we don’t have to fit in old narratives to be successful. Social media has given entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers a platform, that, with some research and strategy, can reach an incredibly huge audience. It created this space where women and men alike have a platform for their ‘side hustle’, and it doesn’t have to fit any major marketing companies rules.

Lyss: We see so many of these people hustling in their ‘spare time’, and it's taking the power away from the traditional workplace. Stay at home mothers have carved out a space for themselves in the small business marketplace, and social media is to thank for their ability to do that.


There is a shift in human consciousness right now anyways, and i feel like women are moving faster. I believe women are more in tune with empathy and relationships. The genders have been socialized differently for eons. Men have been socialized to be more competitive, which is great for a number-driven strategy, but creates a lack of empathy. And the business model is totally shifting. When I was recently listening to Gary Vee, in his podcast DAILYVEE, he so eloquently talks about how business is more about connecting with people than ever before. How do we connect with people? Through purposeful, empathetic conversations, and active listening. Compassion is empathy in action.


Women may be emotionally-intelligent, and maybe it’s not because of the laws of nature, maybe it’s because men and women have been socialized throughout history so differently. But that isn’t important anymore. What is important is that it is changing, we are changing. The paradigm shift has begun.

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